lightsup ohana

Our labor of love started in a beach shack on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We have been involved in the SUP industry since its infancy. LightSUP Boards was born from the mind of an ingenious lil girl who was tenacious in her pursuit to make her board a reality!  Mask on, face hanging over the board looking at the fish below year after year was our break time ritual. On a summer day in the shack while replacing the VU window in a boogie board, this now 11 year old watching suddenly asks, “Dad why can’t we put a window in a SUP so I can look at the fish and paddle at the same time?” “That’s a very good question…. Maybe we should try.” That was that. A few weeks later, she asked if we could work on a design. We did, and that was it for bit.

It wasn’t until after an abysmal Summer Season 2017 that we realized, if we were going to continue making a living by stoking out guests on the ocean we needed a change. We needed her board to become a reality. After a year in development and several prototypes later, we tested our first prototype in February 2018. In October, we began our Proof of Concept by starting a LightSUP Guided tour on The Big Island @lightsuphawaii. We have been overwhelmed by the response we’ve gotten by our Ohana, guests, passer byes, and our Social Media Ohana!

LightSUP Boards is far more than a fancy Stand Up Paddle Board!  On a personal level, it is the culmination of the collective efforts of our Ohana, working together to make the dream become a reality.  The lessons she’s learned and the knowledge she’s gained by this experience is truly priceless and will pay dividends far beyond this company.  I truly could not be more proud for getting this far.  We could not help focus on this being an opportunity to enhance the experience of the avid Stand Up Paddler, but also attract those who’ve never been inspired to try SUP.

Mahalo nui loa for taking a moment to learn about the origins of our evolutionary board. We are a simple Ohana from the Big Island that has put all we have into evolving the SUP experience! We truly hope this vessel will provide indelible memories for all those drawn to the water around the world. It is an experience like no other, a way to disconnect to reconnect with life beyond the screen. Something we believe passionately in! A hui hou….


The Big Island of Hawaii
Phone: 808.854.0548