professional partnership program

~ Fleets of 5 or 10 same model board orders

~ Includes board model, LumeCube tri pack, deck pad, camera mount, leash and plug, tail bungee, FCS Connect 8” fin, protective window film

~ Fleet Tour Equipment Package; back up lights, charging stations, safety equipment, replacement film sheets

~ Guided Tour design, training and implementation

~ Marketing Support, content creation and local advertising~ Guide Uniforms, Guide Bag

~ Branded Retail Merch

~ Board repair and installation assistance

~ Partnership Pricing on all products

~ Custom Contracts catering to your location, and financial circumstances

~ Priority Placement of next generation models and accessories

~ Hui aka Alliance of like minded professionals working together sharing best practices, collaborative marketing and platform development


Income doens’t have to rise and set with the sun. Let us customize our Professional Partnership Program and discover if you are prepared for the LightSUP Evolution!


“What's dangerous is not to evolve”~ Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

Perhaps you were around in the Golden Days of SUP Rentals. It was not that long ago that the Stand Up Paddle Board was the latest and greatest way to experience oceans, lakes and rivers. Nobody had them and everybody wanted to try them. We were one of the first to offer SUP rentals on The Big Island of Hawaii. $60 per hour and they were out all day. Fast forward to 2018, $30 per hour and seldom is the full fleet out. We’ve just getting by the last few years. Dramatic board price decline made them affordable for the average enthusiast and the advent of the Inflatable SUP allowed for easier transportation, both, dramatically affecting our bottom line. In speaking with the Beach Boy community throughout our islands, we know we are not alone. We proudly present to you, our version of The Evolutionary Stand Up Paddle Board, one that we strongly believe will dawn a new Golden Age for our industry and for your business, thus ensuring the survival of our lifestyle, more importantly, allowing our Ohana to thrive once again!

The materials changed, the colors changed and there was no shortage of names on decks and rails. Yet, the stand up paddling experience never changed. We call this SUP Stagnation. The stoke of new eventually becoming “been there, done that” mentality. We realized that for us to survive, we needed to enhance the experience, creating something new just like when we Stand Up Paddle Boards first came out. It was never about the “board”! It was about the connection with water, and what that connection does to the soul!! The question we pondered was how do we create something new with something tried and true.

We realize that a Window SUP is nothing new. We realize Glow SUP is nothing new. We realize the brilliance of combing the two. This is not new either. What is new, is our version of the board, literally the most technologically advanced SUP ever made. So innovative, it will revitalize the industry that we love. Obviously, we fully believe these claims we make, but ours was not the opinion that matters.

October, 2018 with a small marketing budget, we began operating a Guided SUP Tour company called LightSUP Hawaii on The Big Island to test our proof of concept; get paddler feedback, evaluate the performance and functionality of the window and pay some bills. The response has been overwhelming, the boards have exceeded our hopes and to our great surprise, our boards have attracted the “never tried before”, with 90% of our guests being First Timers!!

Our conclusion, with the millions of enthusiasts already out there, and all those who’ve never tried but are giving it a go because of the window and lights, not to mention all the parents that will choose to paddle their kids rather than MSF to show them the fish, it is hard to imagine how many will come to know the stoke of SUP with the views of snorkeling, day or night….

We have no doubt SUP enthusiasts around the world are ready for an evolution of the Stand Up Paddling experience. We have no doubt SUP vendors around the world are ready for an evolution of the Stand Up Paddle board. We customize our contracts, catering to the unique circumstances of every business. Now, the question becomes, are you ready partner with our hui of passionate and dedicated Professionals and embrace the evolution of SUP? It seems the choice is simple… We can evolve together and thrive or choose to survive alone.


Elements of the evolution


The Window

Our expansive, dual pane window system is symmetrically designed to provide maximize the paddles peripheral viewing. The window intricately positioned to provide the paddler with line of sight viewing from the standing paddling position. The massive viewing area allows for simultaneous viewing by a passenger and paddler. The Marine Grade, Polycarbonate window panes UV protected.


The lights

Our Nightlight Model has three internal light ports that are strategically positioned to maximize illumination of the area surrounding the board while concentrating the lumens to the line of sight view of the paddler.  The ports are compatible with multiple high power water proof led lights available.  The port system allows for ease of removal for charging and replaceability for extended paddling. We have a strategic partnership with LumeCube.


the construction

We employ an entirely unique SUP construction process that creates the lightweight, stiff board you would expect from a traditional epoxy construction, but with unparalleled impact resistance and durability. We infuse our thermoplastic resin into fiberglass cloth, through a thermoforming process. Thermal Composite Technology is an evolutionary, clean construction process that makes our boards one of the most eco conscious Stand Up Paddle Boards on the market. Our boards are made to last season after season after season!